About Maheshwar yogshala

Healthy Life with Healthy Lifestyle

Maheshwar yogshala is located in the foothills of Himalaya and besides the holy river Ganga. The rich diversity, healthy organic food and pollution-free environment make us an ideal yoga school in Rishikesh.

Thousands of students head to India every year to take learn yoga and we feel proud to rank in the list of their favourite yoga destination.

Benifits of Yoga

Undoubtedly, yoga is the best way to keep you physically and mentally fit.

Strong Body life

Aids you in achieving your fitness goals. It makes your body mentally and physically strong.

increased flexibility

Makes your body agile which makes your joints and muscles flexible

healthy lifestyle

Keep all the benefits aside and learn this one because it indirectly promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Increases blood flow

The yoga asanas also improves blood circulation in the body and prevent many cardiovascular diseases.

Drops blood pressure

- Beneficial for people dealing with low blood pressure problems.

Regulates adrenal gland

The daily yoga practise also helps you in maintaining a balanced metabolism in the body.